about the crew

kate • captain

trickster's trash, founder & VP of Marketingi’m a wicked girl saving myself • an outlaw flying alone in the black • a pirate and a good man • an herbalist, shewolf, catmommy & friend to dogs • at the root of it all i’m kate

in 2006 i got out of a long-term abusive relationship & moved to colorado to start over • since then i’ve been all over • colorado, tennessee, pennsylvania, back to colorado • every move i shed old things • physical & metaphorical • i wound up picking up new things though • bits & bobs • creek glass from the shores of fountain creek in colorado • copper wire from my brother-in-law • steel wire from the side of the road • beads from all over • had to do SOMETHING with them all

loiosh • copilot • vp of marketing

an orange tabbycat wearing a purple cloak with gold trim. very regal.loiosh is just as old as my ‘career’ as a self-employed maker of various things • if i’d had a ‘real job’ i wouldn’t have had the time to socialize him the way i did • & i’m sure glad i did, cos we’re pretty damn inseparable • he’s been camping with me all over the country • he’s been to two weddings with me (name on the invite and all) • he’s been to events in eight kingdoms so far • he’s my boy & i’m his momma • he keeps me sane(ish) • as much as anything’s gonna

the vp of marketing thing started as a joke but • it turns out he’s terribly good at it

hades • chief morale officer

Hades, a longhaired black cat, sits facing the camera, his mouth open in an ADORABLE silent mew.hades came to me already more-or-less leashtrained & people socialized • & slipped quite comfortably into chocolate’s old job • he’s not quite as chill as loiosh, but then who is?

his nickname is ‘squirrel’ because he is ALWAYS INTO SOMETHING • & finds it VERY DIFFICULT to stay still unless he’s either eating • or actually asleep



major tom • chief of security

Amajor tom is living proof that you can’t tame a feral cat • but if you take your time, know what you’re doing, & get VERY lucky • you can make friends with one

he’s a leashcat but not YET an event cat • we’re working on that though •  i hope you get to meet at some event somewhere






aunt beast • our ship

A van the size of the Van the Size of France.she’s a 2007 chevy express • got her from old dear friends • she’s my home on wheels • i’m slowly making her over into a place we can all live • that’s what a ship is • is freedom




in memoriam: chocolate • heart cat • chief morale officer, emeritus


an small black cat curled up in a cushy blue cat bedhe was my old man cat • we were together for 19 years  • moved cross-country more times than i can keep track of • in and out of bad relationships • all the shit i’ve been through in my life • he’s been there

mostly he just wanted us all to get off his lawn

in the last few years of his life he decided going to events wasn’t so bad • he got to yell at way more people that way • turns out old cats are pretty good at learning new tricks