got anything you think i should answer here • i wanna know

hey could i get earrings with earwires made from X? cos i get weird skin stuff otherwise

sure, just lemme know what you need • might take a lil longer for me to get them in the mail • depends on how long it takes me to find X

will that cost me more?

only if X is spendy stuff

i found some cool crap on the side of the road, you want it?

hella yeah, i love cool crap found on the side of the road • that said, gimme a holler first, sometimes i’m a little • er • full of crap at the moment

will you marry me?

i tried being married once • it pretty much sucked • so nope • thanks, tho

i’ve got some Deeply Personal trash i want you to make into something, can you do that?

maybe • it depends on the trash • send me some pictures & give me an idea what you want it to look like • & i’ll see how i feel about it • if some of the trash is old or spendy or really delicate i might say no • i’d feel Really Bad if one of the cats knocked it off a table or something

do you do wholesale?

maybe • probably • i mean i’m working on that • talk to me & we can probably work something out