a cairn of iron ore


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okay look, I love the desert BUT I also love rivers • maybe there’s a winding river theme going on in my jewelry • I guess • with thanks to sylvia plath

$3 from these earrings will go to the Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico • trans people being kinda liminal & all • seemed appropriate

• the copper wire came from the leftovers of another house wiring project • it’s disturbingly easy to wind up with a foot of 12 gauge copper wire when you’re fixing things • & what ELSE am i gonna do with it?

• the pretty dangly beads came from a friend who was tired of trying to sell the necklaces they’d made & just game em all to me • I’ve sold a couple but mostly they’re getting taken apart for the beads

• i bought COPPER earwires they’re SO PRETTY


• each earring is just shy of 2 1/2" tall

• & a smidge over 1/2" wide at the widest point