down the darkening stair


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kinda woodsy i guess with the green & brown & steel • sometimes i don’t feel the need to add copper at all • with thanks to sylvia plath

$3 from these earrings will go to the Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico • trans people being kinda liminal & all • seemed appropriate

• i went up on the roof a couple days before this particular spree of earring-making & grabbed some steel wire

• i don’t know why it was up there, it’s not DOING anything, but hey, free jewelry materials

• the big brown beads came from a necklace my roommate gave me to take apart

• & the small green ones from a really WEIRD necklace i bought at a yard sale in Sandia park for, like, a buck

• i had to go buy earwires cos i can’t find the other ones • i gotta learn how to make my own

• they’re stainless steel, though, that’s kinda nice


• each earring is 1 5/8" tall

• the brown beads are 1/2" wide at the middle